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Details of a SAPAYOL jacket

Every part of a SAPAYOL jacket is unique.

Wet-green tanned, full-grain leather

Our jackets are made with the most exclusive, full-grain leather. It’s supple, thick, has a warm touch, and a pleasant smell. With good care, it will not crack or bulge for decades but break in and develop a beautiful patina.

We're using a new tanning method called wet-green, that is based on an olive-leaf extract, instead of the potentially harmful tanning agents found in almost every other leather garment.*

Getting our leather right has been a process that lasted for years.

Learn more about what makes our leather special

Velvety, breathable lining

We chose a 100% Tencel twill for our lining. It's the perfect complement to our leather, because it makes the jacket feel smooth, dry, and cool. Tencel is one of the most eco-friendly, durable fibers, based on wood, and produced in a closed-loop.*

Each collection has a custom print.

Smooth and reliable hardware

All zippers are YKK Excella. They combine legendary reliability with elegance. Each tooth is individually polished, which gives the zipper a brilliant shine and prevents scratching of the jacket or your skin. YKK Excella zippers don’t contain nickel.

The buttons on our jackets are spring-type snaps from YKK, made purely out of nickel-free alloys. They receive the same coatings as our zippers and provide reliable closure without the need to pull hard and damage the leather when you open them.


Our ribbings are made from Tencel yarn, combined with a small amount of elastane to give it the right elasticity. They are custom-made from scratch: The yarn was spun to our specifications, dyed, and then knitted – more loosely at the seam and tighter around the body.

Shearling Collar

The detachable collar on the J-1 comes from European Merino sheep, known to have the finest and softest wool of all sheep. It keeps you warm but doesn't make you feel hot.


* Some of the jackets in our Red Sea Collection (df, rsb, db) use combination tanned leather (synth tanned, vegetable retanned). The J-1 rsb is the only jacket that has has a Bemberg Cupro lining without a custom print.